Course Load Percentage for Engineering Students

The Basics

1. Select your program from the list below to find the number of units required for a full course load per term. Divide fall/winter total by 2 to get per term number (e.g. 36 units for fall/winter /2 = 18 units per term)

2. Complete the following calculation to find your course load percentage

  • Divide the number of units you’re enrolled in by the number of units required for a full course load
    Example: if you’re in 15 units and a full course load is 19 units, 15/19 = .79, so you’d be taking an 79% course load
  • REMEMBER: To be considered a full-time student for OSAP, you must be enrolled in at least 60% of a full course load each term. To get the minimum number of units you need to be considered full time, multiply the number of units required for a full course load by .6 (or 60%)
    Example: 19 x .6 = 11.4, so 12 units per term is the minimum number to be considered full time
  • Students who have a disability are considered full time if they are taking at least a 40% course load, so complete the same calculation using .4 instead of .6.
    Example: 19 x .4 = 7.6, so 8 units per term is the minimum number to be considered full time for students with a disability

3. Full course load totals for spring/summer courses are shown as the total for the full 14-week spring/summer term

  • If you are only taking courses in ONE of the seven-week spring or summer sessions, divide the full course load total by 2
    Example: if 18 units = full course load for spring/summer, 9 units = full course load for one seven-week session.

To confirm the full course load for your year/program of study, see the Undergraduate Academic Calendar


* If course load numbers differ between Undergraduate Calendar and our website, the Undergraduate Calendar will reflect the correct course load.

What’s New!

Course load calculator: Not sure about your course load percentage for OSAP? Check out our new guide on how to calculate it! Course load guide (non-Engineering). Engineering course load guide.

Indigenous Student Bursary: Applications for the 2018-19 Indigenous Student Bursary are now available. If you wish to apply for this bursary, you can find the application and more information in your Mosaic Student Centre under “Apply for Financial Aid.” Extended deadline: Feb. 1, 2019. 

Scholarship applications are OPEN: Don’t miss out on this easy money! There are awards for all faculties and programs, all undergrad years and both academic AND community work. Apply in Mosaic by clicking the “Apply for Aid and Awards” tile. Find scholarships under the “Aid By Application” tab. More info on scholarships.  

OSAP Income Update: Check your OSAP portal for a requirement to update your income. If you have this requirement it must be completed to maintain eligibility for the McMaster General Bursary. Even if you have no changes to report, you are required to submit the online form. Find Income Update deadlines.


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