Tracking Your Funding

The Basics

We recommend keeping a close eye on your funding by checking your Account Summary in the Mosaic Student Center. There you’ll see how much funding you have coming in (whether it’s from OSAP, bursaries or awards) and how much you owe to the University for your tuition and student fees.

If you’re receiving OSAP, it’s also important to regularly check your OSAP portal (log in on the OSAP website) for updates and messages. Starting in the fall of 2018, all OSAP and other provincial student aid funding will automatically go to McMaster to pay your tuition and fees on your behalf. This makes it even more important to keep an eye on your account to see how much of your balance OSAP has covered.

Below you’ll find some information that will help you track your funding and account balance.

Where does my OSAP/provincial student aid funding go?

All OSAP and other provincial student aid funding is automatically redirected to your McMaster student account to pay your tuition, student fees, meal plan and residence costs.

What if my OSAP/provincial student aid doesn’t cover the full cost of my tuition and fees?

You are responsible for paying off the balance on your student account not covered by your OSAP/provincial student aid funding. These payments must be made by the fee deadlines to avoid interest charges.

What if my OSAP/provincial student aid funding is MORE than the cost of my tuition and fees?

Any OSAP funding left over after paying the balance of your McMaster student account will be deposited into your personal bank account.

Make sure you have enrolled in direct deposit with the University.

Find a guide on how to enroll in direct deposit with McMaster.

Where can I see how much I owe for tuition and fees?

You can review your fees and payments on the Account Summary screen in the Mosaic Student Center.

In Mosaic, follow the path: Student Center > Finances > Account Summary.

The “Balance” row for each term shows how much you owe for each term after OSAP payments and McMaster aid and award payments (scholarships and bursaries).

Will I see how much my OSAP funding is covering in my Account Summary?

Yes. Your OSAP entitlement will first show up in the “Pending OSAP Grant” and/or “Pending OSAP Loan” row. When an amount shows up in the “OSAP payments” row, it means the University has received the payment from OSAP. The amount that shows up as a payment may be different than the pending amount.

Where can I see the value of scholarships and bursaries?

The value of financial aid and awards such as entrance awards, undergraduate scholarships and bursaries will first show in the “Pending McMaster Aid and Award” row in your Account Summary. Once the funding is deposited to your account, the value will move to the “McMaster Aid and Award Payment” row.

Why do I see ‘pending’ on my Account Summary?

Pending amounts on your Account Summary are based on assessed eligibility either by OSAP or, in the case of scholarships or bursaries, by McMaster University. Items are pending until they are validated and then moved to a payment.

Why don’t I see all my pending OSAP on my Account Summary as a payment?

Sometimes the amount of your OSAP payment is not what you were expecting or what showed as pending on your Account Summary. There are a variety of reasons this may happen.

The reasons we see most often are: 

  1. The amount of OSAP can change depending on any changes you have made. Have you dropped a class? Did your family income get updated on the OSAP website? These are just a couple examples of things that will affect your OSAP payment. It’s best to visit the OSAP website to check your status.
  2. If you have additional money provided by OSAP for other things, such as living expenses, you will see a partial payment on your Account Summary and the excess funding will be deposited directly to your personal bank account.

When is the information updated on the Account Summary? 

The Account Summary will be updated as information becomes available. Processing times vary. We recommend you check your Account Summary page in Mosaic regularly because of this.

Why do I have a balance on my account statement when I have sufficient OSAP to cover tuition?

Students who receive OSAP may still have an outstanding balance on their student account for the following reasons:

  1. OSAP funding is paid to McMaster directly and the amount of tuition, supplementary fees, residence and meal plan are taken into consideration. Fees such as library fees, parking fees or Campus Store charges are not considered.
  2. After the disbursement of OSAP, the tuition for the term increased resulting in an outstanding balance.

Students are responsible to pay the balance on their student account. Outstanding balances are subject to interest charges. Please visit the Student Accounts and Cashiers website for more information about payment dates and the accepted ways to pay.


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