Scholarships for In-Course Students

The Basics

What types of scholarships are available?

  • Travel & Exchange Scholarships
  • In-Course Scholarships
  • Community Contribution Awards
  • Academic Grants

What are the eligibility requirements for scholarships?

  • The Undergraduate Calendar provides all terms and conditions for McMaster scholarships and Academic Grants
  • Some scholarships require an application
  • Many awards are based on grades and do not require an application

Where can graduate students find information about scholarships and awards?

  • Awards for graduate students are offered through the School of Graduate Studies
  • Students apply for awards by clicking ‘Apply for Financial Aid’ in the Mosaic Student Center

Undergraduate Scholarship FAQ

How to Apply

How do I apply for scholarships?

Apply for the majority of scholarships via the online aid application in Mosaic. Step-by-step instructions are available under ‘Apply for McMaster Aid’

  • Click on ‘Apply for Financial Aid’ in the Mosaic Student Center
  • Complete the personal profile once per year
  • Scholarships are located under the ‘Aid by Application’ tab
  • Expand headings to view award applications and requirements

Nursing Students:

  • Specific scholarships for McMaster Nursing, Mohawk-McMaster / Conestoga-McMaster Nursing students are available on the School of Nursing website. Please review all criteria as some scholarships are site-specific
  • McMaster Nursing students may be eligible for university-wide awards
  • Apply via Mosaic. Expand the headings under ‘Aid by Application’ to view applications and requirements

When do I apply?

  • Open application dates and deadlines are available under ‘Important Dates’
  • Students will be able to view scholarships and their requirements before the applications opens on Jan. 1

How do I check my application status?

  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Center
  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Awards’ to view bursaries and scholarships granted each year

Scholarship Payments

How do I receive my scholarship funding?

  • Scholarship payments are deposited to McMaster student accounts
  • Refund cheques or direct deposit payments are issued if McMaster fees are paid in full or the value of the scholarship exceeds the balance of the fees owing
  • Recipients confirmed dates are posted under ‘Important Dates’

How do I write a thank you letter?

  • Learn to write a thank you letter to express your gratitude to McMaster donors

Scholarship Spotlight

More information about scholarships at McMaster is available on Storify!

Renaissance Award

  • Emphasizes experiential learning to create transformative opportunities for students
  • Opportunity for a 4- to 12-month self-directed enrichment experience outside of the chosen program of study
  • Find out more about the student experience of the Renaissance Award winner!
  • Value: to a maximum of $25,000
  • Apply via Mosaic
  • More about the Renaissance Award

Rhodes Scholarship

  • Eleven Rhodes Scholarships are granted to Canadians each year (two in Ontario)
  • Opportunity to study at the University of Oxford for 2-3 years
  • Value: at least $50,000/year (tuition, fees, living)
  • Application for Endorsement via Mosaic

Killam Fellowship

  • External Scholarship
  • Opportunity to live and study in the U.S.A. for a nine-month academic year
  • Value: $10,000 U.S.
  • Killam Website

Project Hero 

  • Financial support to the sons and daughters of Canadian military killed while serving in an active mission
  • Value: tuition waiver & residence (double room) including regular meal plan
  • For Project Hero application information, contact

What’s New!

Course load calculator: Not sure about your course load percentage for OSAP? Check out our new guide on how to calculate it! Course load guide (non-Engineering). Engineering course load guide.

Indigenous Student Bursary: Applications for the 2018-19 Indigenous Student Bursary are now available. If you wish to apply for this bursary, you can find the application and more information in your Mosaic Student Centre under “Apply for Financial Aid.” Extended deadline: Feb. 1, 2019. 

Scholarship applications are OPEN: Don’t miss out on this easy money! There are awards for all faculties and programs, all undergrad years and both academic AND community work. Apply in Mosaic by clicking the “Apply for Aid and Awards” tile. Find scholarships under the “Aid By Application” tab. More info on scholarships.  

OSAP Income Update: Check your OSAP portal for a requirement to update your income. If you have this requirement it must be completed to maintain eligibility for the McMaster General Bursary. Even if you have no changes to report, you are required to submit the online form. Find Income Update deadlines.


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