Scholarships for Graduating Students

The Basics

What types of graduand scholarships are available?

  • Monetary scholarships
  • Non-monetary scholarships such as medals
  • Some graduand scholarships require an application
  • Some graduand scholarships are automatically determined by a University selection committee

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for graduand scholarships?

Where can I find award information to assist in completing an application for medical and/or professional school?

When are the graduand scholarships awarded?

  • Graduand scholarships are granted in May and are provided exclusively for graduating students qualifying on the basis of achievement in their first baccalaureate degree program
  • Scholarship payments are deposited to the student account by the end of May

How to Apply

How do I apply for scholarships?

Apply for the majority of scholarships via the online aid application in Mosaic. Step-by-step instructions are available under ‘Apply for McMaster Aid’

  • Click on ‘Apply for Financial Aid’ in the Mosaic Student Centre
  • Complete the personal profile once per year
  • Scholarships are located under the ‘Aid by Application’ tab
  • Expand headings to view award applications and requirements

When do I apply?

How do undergraduate students who graduated at the fall convocation apply for scholarships?

How do I check my application status?

  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Center
  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Awards’ to view bursaries and scholarships granted each year

Scholarship Spotlight

The John R. McCarthy Scholarship

Established in 1987 by John R. McCarthy LL.D. (class of ’65), former Deputy Minister of University Affairs and Deputy Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario. To be awarded to a student graduating from a program in Arts & Science, Humanities, Science, or Social Sciences who enroll in the Faculty of Education of an Ontario university in the academic year immediately following graduation. The student selected will have made a contribution to the life of the university by displaying leadership in student government or student affairs and leadership and sportsmanship in athletic endeavors.

The Bert MacKinnon Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1996 in memory of Bert MacKinnon, B.A. (Class of ’43), LL.D (Class of ’77), first Associate Chief Justice of Ontario (1978 to 1986). One scholarship to be awarded to a graduating student who enrolls in a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor or equivalent degree program in the academic year immediately following graduation. The student selected will have demonstrated high academic achievement and leadership in extracurricular activities.

Scholarship Payments

How do I receive my scholarship funding?

  • Scholarship payments are deposited to McMaster student accounts
  • Refund cheques or direct deposit payments are issued if McMaster fees are paid in full or the value of the scholarship exceeds the balance of the fees owing
  • Recipients confirmed and payment dates are posted under ‘Important Dates’

How do I write a thank you letter?

  • Learn to write a thank you letter to express your gratitude to McMaster donors


What’s New!


Course load calculator: Not sure about your course load percentage for OSAP? Check out our new guide on how to calculate it! Course load guide (non-Engineering). Engineering course load guide.

Scholarship applications are OPEN: Don’t miss out on this easy money! There are awards for all faculties and programs, all undergrad years and both academic AND community work. Apply in Mosaic by clicking the “Apply for Aid and Awards” tile. Find scholarships under the “Aid By Application” tab. More info on scholarships.  


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