McMaster’s Virtual Dropbox (MacDrive)

McMaster’s Virtual Dropbox “MacDrive” is a customized McMaster solution, similar to DropBox. It allows students to securely submit applications and supporting documentation for review and assessment. SFAS is currently using MacDrive to administer documentation for the Need Profile, MAPS Bursary and Travel Scholarships.

How to Upload Documents to MacDrive

MacDrive Instructions (PDF)

  1. Sort your application and/or supporting documentation in the order requested on the aid/award cover page.
  1. Sign your aid/award cover page.
  1. Combine all your documents as one PDF.
    How to Combine PDFs:

Apple Guide:
Windows Computers use Adobe Acrobat Pro (
Software that is capable of combining PDFs

Alternatively, you can scan all of the documents together to create one PDF.  Files uploaded individually will be deleted.

     If you are unable to use any of these methods, email for assistance.

Save the PDF.  Name the file as per the instructions on the aid/award cover page.
For example:
            Need Profiles: NeedProfile_surname_studentID.pdf (e.g. NeedProfile_Smith_0041234567.pdf)
            MAPS Applications: MAPS_surname_studentID.pdf (e.g. MAPS_Smith_0041234567.pdf)
            Scholarship Applications: AwardID_studentID.pdf (e.g. SFASTR0001_0041234567.pdf)
            Academic Grants:  AwardID_studentID.pdf (e.g. SFASTR0001_0041234567.pdf)

  1. Access the web address provided in the header of your aid/award cover page.
    Please note there are different web addresses depending on the type of documentation you are submitting.
  1. Select ‘Add Files’, and then browse for your PDF.
  1. Select the file and click OK.  Successful upload have an ‘uploaded’ notification displayed on screen.  Once uploaded, files can only be viewed by SFAS.
  1. Add “_updated” to the end of your file name when re-uploading a file with changes or corrections.
  1. Monitor the status of your aid applications by clicking on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Center.

What’s New!

Part-time OSAP: Funding certificates for OSAP for Part-Time Students will be available at the SFAS office (Gilmour Hall, 120) this week. Watch for a notification in your Mosaic to-do list. Starting this fall, part-time OSAP funding will automatically be redirected to McMaster to pay tuition and fees. Learn more about part-time OSAP

OSAP confirmations of enrolment: The OSAP confirmation of enrolment process is ongoing. OSAP funding will be released within 5-7 business days of your confirmation of enrolment. Watch your McMaster email and OSAP Message Centre for notifications. See when you’ve received your funding in your Mosaic Student Center.

Important OSAP change: Starting this fall, all OSAP funding will automatically be sent to McMaster to pay tuition and student fees. Funding left over after covering tuition/fees will be deposited into students’ bank accounts. Learn more on how to track your funding.



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