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2018/2019 Recommended OSAP Application Complete Date

Note: The 2018/2019 OSAP for Full-Time Students application is currently available through the OSAP website. June 30 is McMaster’s recommended date to complete the OSAP application.

Undergraduate sessional dates are available on the Office of the Registrar website.

Academic Term Application Complete Date
Fall Term June 30
Winter Term June 30
Fall-Winter Terms June 30

2018/2019 OSAP Application Deadline Dates – Undergraduate Students

*The 2018/19 OSAP Extension Form is available on our OSAP Forms page.

Unless otherwise noted, OSAP applications must be submitted no later than 60 days before the last day of the study or co-op work period.

Academic Term Deadline Date
Fall Term Oct. 21
Fall Co-op Work Term Nov.1**
Winter Term Feb. 28
Winter Co-op Work Term (standalone Winter Term application) March 1**
Winter Term Extension* March 20
Fall-Winter Terms Feb. 28
Spring Session Extension* May 12 (40 days before end of term)
Summer Session Extension* June 30 (40 days before end of term)
Spring-Summer Term (OSAP app online) June 10 (60 days before end of term)
Spring-Summer Co-op Work Term July 2**

**The last day of a co-op work period is the final day of the work term, not the end of classes/exams. Examples: Dec. 31, April 30, Aug. 31.

2018/2019 OSAP Supporting Documentation Deadline Dates

Academic Term Deadline Date (40 days before end of term)
Fall Term Nov. 12
Fall Term (co-op work term/grad) Nov. 21
Winter Term March 21
Winter Term (co-op work term/grad) March 21
Fall-Winter Terms March 21
Spring-Summer Term (OSAP app online) June 30
Spring-Summer Term (co-op work term/grad) July 22

2018/2019 OSAP Application Deadline Dates – Graduate Students

Item Deadline Date
Recommended Application Complete Date June 30
Application Deadline Date July 2 (for full academic year)
Supporting Documentation Deadline July 22 (for full academic year)
Fall Term only*** Nov. 1
Winter Term only*** March 1
Spring-Summer Term only*** July 2

***See Supporting Document Deadlines above for deadline dates to submit supporting documents for one-term applications.

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