Apply for OSAP for Part-Time Students

Apply for PT OSAP and submit all supporting documentation by the published deadline date.

Ten Steps to OSAP for Part-Time Students (PT-OSAP)

Step One >

Apply online for Part-Time OSAP through the OSAP website to be considered for loans and grants

  1. Undergraduate students apply term-by-term
  2. Graduate students apply by academic year
  3. Co-op students taking one course apply for OSAP for Full-Time Students

Step Two >

Submit your signed Signature & Consent Declaration and supporting documents to Student Financial Aid & Scholarships, Gilmour Hall, Room 120 or via the document uploader on the OSAP website

Step Three > 

Enroll in your courses via Mosaic

  1. A course load between 20-59% is required
  2. Funding is reassessed when courses are dropped or added

Step Four > 

Check your OSAP application status via the OSAP website

  1. Make sure all documents are processed
  2. Check funding entitlement

Step Five >

Check your To Do List in the Mosaic Student Centre for OSAP pick-up information

Step Six >

Pick-up your OSAP funding certificate in the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships office (Gilmour Hall, Room 120)

  1. Valid government photo ID is required
  2. Make sure to bring:
    1. Valid government photo ID (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, Ontario photo ID card, etc.)
    2. McMaster student ID card
    3. Proof of Social Insurance Number (photo of SIN card is acceptable)

Step Seven >

Visit ANY Canada Post outlet within 30 days of picking up your certificate with the following information in an envelope:

  1. Signed and completed funding certificate
  2. PHOTOCOPIES of BOTH SIDES of government photo ID and proof of Social Insurance Number (DO NOT send originals)
  3. Banking information (direct deposit information or void cheque)

Give the Canada Post clerk the return code PR150936 for FREE express postage

Can’t make it to Canada Post? Send directly to the National Student Loans Service Centre at:
National Student Loans Service Centre
PO Box 4030
Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4
*appropriate postage required

Step Eight >

Check your McMaster student account and/or your personal bank account

  1. Your funding will automatically be redirected to McMaster to pay your tuition and fees
  2. Any funding left over after tuition and fees are paid will be deposited into your bank account
  3. Allow 5-7 business days for your funding to be received

Step Nine >

Pay any fees not covered by your OSAP funding to Student Accounts & Cashiers (Gilmour Hall, Room 209) before the fee deadline

Step Ten >

Re-apply for PT OSAP for the following term if necessary

  1. Check the ‘Important Dates’ quick link for application dates

OSAP for Part-Time Students Dates

2018/2019 OSAP for Part-Time Students Dates

Note: The 2018/2019 OSAP for Part-Time Students online application is available in July.

Academic Term(s) Application & Documentation Deadline Dates
Fall Nov. 8
Winter March 19
Spring May 4
Summer June 22
Spring/Summer June 22
Full Academic Year July 20

What’s New!

Part-time OSAP: Funding certificates for OSAP for Part-Time Students will be available at the SFAS office (Gilmour Hall, 120) this week. Watch for a notification in your Mosaic to-do list. Starting this fall, part-time OSAP funding will automatically be redirected to McMaster to pay tuition and fees. Learn more about part-time OSAP

OSAP confirmations of enrolment: The OSAP confirmation of enrolment process is ongoing. OSAP funding will be released within 5-7 business days of your confirmation of enrolment. Watch your McMaster email and OSAP Message Centre for notifications. See when you’ve received your funding in your Mosaic Student Center.

Important OSAP change: Starting this fall, all OSAP funding will automatically be sent to McMaster to pay tuition and student fees. Funding left over after covering tuition/fees will be deposited into students’ bank accounts. Learn more on how to track your funding.



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