McMaster Association for Part-Time Students Bursary

The Basics

What is a McMaster Association for Part-Time Students (MAPS) Bursary?

Funding for the MAPS Bursary is generously donated by the McMaster Association for Part-Time Students. Administered by Student Financial Aid & Scholarships, recipients are selected each term to receive non-refundable tuition and book assistance. Primarily available to those receiving social assistance, this bursary program aids those who are economically disadvantaged. Additional financial resources are required as the MAPS Bursary is not a means of covering the full cost of attendance. Limited bursaries are available

What is the value of a MAPS Bursary?

The value of the MAPS Bursary varies each term.

Can I receive a MAPS Bursary and OSAP for Part-Time Students?

No. Students are eligible to apply for a MAPS Bursary if they are ineligible for OSAP for Part-Time Students.

Ineligible for a MAPS Bursary

      • Not economically disadvantaged
      • No demonstration of financial need according to online aid application
      • Entitled to OSAP for Part-Time Students
      • Enrolled in a full-time course load*
      • Full-time students who have taken the majority of terms with full-time enrollment*

*60% course load per term

How to Apply

      • Step-by-step instructions are available under ‘McMaster Aid’
      • Apply term-by-term (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer)
      • Complete either the application for undergraduate part-time students or continuing education (CCE) students
      • Complete the 4-month budget for the study period (e.g. fall enrolment > September to December)
      • Upload one file of required documents to MacDrive by the published deadline
      • Incomplete applications will not be considered

When do I apply?

      • Application dates and deadlines are available under ‘Important Dates

How do I check the status of my application?

      • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Centre
      • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Awards’ to view bursaries and scholarships granted each year

Student Commitment

      • To come to university financially prepared
      • CCE students are required to pay for courses upon registration
      • To seek out available resources such as OSAP for Part-Time Students
      • To successfully complete all courses

MAPS Bursary Payment

When do I enroll?

      • Students are required to enroll and pay for courses prior to receiving bursary funding

How will I receive my bursary payment?

      • Bursary payments are deposited to McMaster Student Accounts and Cashiers.
      • Refund cheques or direct deposit payments are issued if McMaster fees are paid in full or the value of the bursary exceeds the balance of the fees owing.

When will I receive the payment?

      • Bursary payments are deposited to Student Accounts after the add/drop deadline each term.

What’s New!

Spring/Summer CIFS: Deadlines for undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Medicine students to submit a Continuation of Interest-Free Status application are approaching. Apply online via the OSAP website. Learn more about Interest-Free Status.

OSAP peer-support sessions: We are now offering peer-support sessions every Tuesday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. in MUSC 213. Our student ambassador will be available to help current and incoming students with their 2018/19 OSAP applications. Learn more about our peer-support sessions.

2018 Schulich Leaders: Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Schulich Leaders Scholarships! Four students have received Canada’s most prestigious national STEM scholarships to attend McMaster. Learn more about the 2018 Schulich Leaders.

18/19 OSAP Application: Students can now apply for OSAP for the 2018/19 academic year. Apply via the OSAP website as soon as possible.


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