McMaster Bursary Program

The Basics

What is a bursary?

  • A non-repayable grant for students who demonstrate financial need
  • To be used to assist with education-related expenses
  • Funded by the University and generous donors

What are the bursary eligibility requirements?

  • Be enrolled at McMaster
  • International students must be enrolled in Level II or higher
  • Submit a completed application by the bursary deadline
  • OSAP students must submit a completed income update by the published deadline
  • Continue to demonstrate financial need throughout the study period
  • OSAP is used to demonstrate financial need. ONLY students in the following groups will be considered for a bursary without an OSAP application:
    • Indigenous Students
    • International Students
    • Students with government aid restrictions. Government aid restrictions include:
      • Academic progress restriction
      • Income verification restriction
      • Provincial and/or federal default restriction
      • Credit check restriction
    • Students with a disability taking a reduced course load
    • Mohawk Nursing Students
    • Students with Out-of-Province Student Aid
    • Part-time Students
    • Students receiving social assistance

NEW in 2019: Summer Undergraduate Bursary Program

  • For students completing the majority of their undergraduate program as a full-time student
  • Open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents only
  • Intended to assist with additional costs associated with spring/summer courses and/or unpaid work placements required for degree completion
  • Second-degree students are eligible to apply
  • Limited funding is available
  • Payments will be made in two installments: one in the spring session, one in the summer session

How to Apply

  • The online application is available in the Mosaic Student Center by clicking on “Apply for Financial Aid” under “Finances”
  • The application is available starting in mid-August
  • Step-by-step instructions are available under McMaster Aid
  • Summer Undergraduate Bursary: Follow the steps above and complete the application found under the “Aid by Application” tab

When do I apply?

How do I check my application status?

  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Center
  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Awards’ to view bursaries and scholarships granted each year

Bursary Payments

How do I receive my bursary funding?

  • Fall/winter bursary payments are deposited to McMaster student accounts in mid-February
  • Only students who have enrolled in direct deposit will receive a refund for a credit on their McMaster student account due to bursary funding. Learn more about enrolling in direct deposit through Mosaic
  • Summer Undergraduate Bursary: one payment will be made during the spring session, another will be made during the summer session

Entrance Bursaries

I was offered a bursary (General or Student Access) as part of my 2018/19 offer of admission. What are my next steps?

  1. Complete your OSAP application by applying online and uploading all required documents via the OSAP website by June 30
  2. Enroll in the course load indicated on your OSAP application (i.e. Humanities: 15 units/term = 100% course load)
  3. Starting in August, apply for the McMaster General Bursary Program in the Mosaic Student Center
  4. Complete your OSAP Income Update at the beginning of the Fall term
  5. Maintain all bursary eligibility requirements throughout the academic year
  6. Bursary funds are deposited to your McMaster student account in February

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What’s New!


Course load calculator: Not sure about your course load percentage for OSAP? Check out our new guide on how to calculate it! Course load guide (non-Engineering). Engineering course load guide.

Scholarship applications are OPEN: Don’t miss out on this easy money! There are awards for all faculties and programs, all undergrad years and both academic AND community work. Apply in Mosaic by clicking the “Apply for Aid and Awards” tile. Find scholarships under the “Aid By Application” tab. More info on scholarships.  


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