McMaster Bursary Program

The Basics

What is a bursary?

  • A non-repayable grant for students who demonstrate financial need
  • To be used to assist with education-related expenses
  • Funded by the University and generous donors

I was offered a bursary (General or Student Access) as part of my 2018/19 offer of admission.  What are my next steps?

  1. Complete your OSAP application by uploading all required documents via the OSAP website by June 30th
  2. Enroll in the course load indicated on your OSAP application (i.e. Humanities: 15 units/term = 100% course load)
  3. Starting in August, apply for the McMaster General Bursary Program in the Mosaic Student Center
  4. Complete your OSAP Income Update at the beginning of the fall term
  5. Maintain all bursary eligibility requirements throughout the academic year
  6. Bursary funds are deposited to your McMaster student account in February

What are the bursary eligibility requirements?

  • Be enrolled at McMaster
  • OSAP applicants with at least $1 of grant or loan funding
  • International students enrolled in Level III or higher
  • Continue to demonstrate financial need throughout the study period
  • Submit a completed application by the deadline

How to Apply

Step-by-step instructions are available under McMaster Aid

When do I apply?

How do I check my application status?

  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Applications’ in the Mosaic Student Center
  • Click on ‘View Financial Aid Awards’ to view bursaries and scholarships granted each year

Bursary Payments

How do I receive my bursary funding?

  • Bursary payments are deposited to McMaster student accounts in mid-September
  • Refund cheques or direct deposit payments are issued if McMaster fees are paid in full or the value of the bursary exceeds the balance of the fees owing

  Looking for Award Information?

What’s New!

Indigenous Entrance Awards: McMaster offers generous awards for Indigenous students entering first year. Find out more about entrance scholarships for Indigenous students. Apply by July 15!

Spring/Summer CIFS: Students enrolled full-time for the spring and/or summer sessions can now submit a Continuation of Interest-Free Status application. Apply online via the OSAP website. Learn more about Interest-Free Status.

18/19 OSAP Application: Students can now apply for OSAP for the 2018/19 academic year. Apply via the OSAP website by June 30th, McMaster’s recommended deadline, if you require your funding in September.

Survey for Spring/Summer Part-Time Students: We want your input! Complete a three-minute survey to help us consider bursary options for funding part-time studies.

External Scholarships Page: Check out our new External Scholarships page for updated information on scholarships available through various companies/organizations.

Rhodes Scholarship Info Webinar: Missed the webinar? Lots of great information about the Rhodes application and experience is available in the webinar presentation (PDF)!


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