The Drs. Jolie Ringash & Glen Bandiera Renaissance Award

A generous donation from McMaster graduates, Dr. Jolie Ringash and Dr. Glen Bandiera, has established The Drs. Jolie Ringash and Glen Bandiera Renaissance Award. The husband-and-wife team is hoping this unique award will provide McMaster students an opportunity to broaden their horizons.

“When you have been part of a country and community and an academic culture for a number of years, it can be hard to realize that it’s not the only way to see the world…  The key criteria for us is that it has to be completely different than something they’ve been doing up until now and it has to be something that’s not built into their current program.”
Dr. Glen Bandiera, M.D. (Class of ’93)

Terms of the Award

  • Open to students from all faculties at the undergraduate, graduate or professional level
  • Application opens: Sept. 1
  • Apply via Mosaic by clicking on ‘Apply for Financial Aid’
  • Supporting documentation is submitted to SFAS, Gilmour Hall, Room 120
  • Deadline: Oct. 31
  • Award: The recipient(s) will engage in a 4-12 month, self-directed, enrichment experience
  • Value: As per the applicant’s proposed budget to a maximum of $25,000

Previous Renaissance Award Winners

Alexia Olaizola and Emily Siskos

4th year Arts & Science Students
2017-18 Renaissance Award Winners
Alexia and Emily crossed Canada from east to west and back again, exploring how Indigenous visual art is being used as a form of cultural reclamation and resistance. The Arts & Science students visited public sites, took in museum exhibits, viewed art both inside and outside of galleries, and met with Indigenous artists, curators, and community members. Read more about Alexia and Emily’s project on the McMaster Daily News and check out their project blog and Instagram account.

Cissy Suen

4th year Math/Physics and French Student
2017-18 Renaissance Award Winner
Cissy travelled throughout Asia studying Buddhism and how it can potentially enhance mental health strategies for Canadian post-secondary students. She interviewed Buddhist practitioners, visited sacred sites, and participated in retreats while travelling through Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. Read more about Cissy’s project on the McMaster Daily News.

Kira Gossack-Keenan

3rd year Medicine Student
2016-17 Renaissance Award Winner
Kira travelled to India, Cambodia and Vietnam to find out how the region’s inhabitants relate to and interact with those with physical disabilities. She also studied the relationship between disability and art, while producing some artistic works of her own along the way. Read more about Kira’s project on the McMaster Daily News. and check out her blog.

Tai Jacob

4th year Arts & Science Student
2016-17 Renaissance Award Winner
Tai produced a podcast on the experiences of those going through gender transition, travelling to Toronto, Montreal, New York and Chicago to interview members of those cities’ trans communities. The show, titled “Gender Blender” is available on iTunesSoundCloud and other podcast platforms. Read more about Tai’s project on the McMaster Daily News and check out the Gender Blender podcast’s website, Facebook and Instagram.


Application Tips for Success

What to consider when writing your Letter of Intent:

  • How is this project a departure from your field of study?
  • How will your project impact your community/society?
  • What is your motivation to pursue this area for your project?

Selecting your Faculty Adviser:

Your Faculty Adviser isn’t necessarily someone you know or someone who is in your Faculty. Your Adviser should be someone who has knowledge or interest in the theme of your project.