Undergraduate Scholarship FAQs

Why did my pending aid disappear from my account summary in Mosaic?

Once Student Financial Aid & Scholarships initiates the deposit of the award with Student Accounts and Cashiers, the value of the award will disappear from Pending Aid. Over the course of a day or two, the pending aid is removed and the deposit is completed. Please allow sufficient time for the transaction to complete and the funds to display on the student account.

How do I apply for scholarships via Mosaic if I don’t have OSAP?

Students apply for scholarships via the online aid application in the Mosaic Student Centre. Click on ‘Apply for Financial Aid’ to access the application. As part of the personal profile, select ‘Merit Based Awards Only’ to the question regarding why the student has not applied for OSAP. Click on ‘Aid by Application’ to apply for the specific awards available to you.

Which scholarships require an application?

Scholarships that require an application will be available on Mosaic.

Who is eligible to be considered for an in-course award?

Students who have completed a minimum of 24 units in the fall/winter terms and are not in their graduating year.

Why was I awarded a particular scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded based on the specific terms of each scholarship. Recipients may find that they are awarded a scholarship with general terms and later it is switched to a scholarship with specific criteria.

When will I be notified that the value of my scholarship has been credited to my student account?

Students will be notified in August if they are awarded a scholarship. Payments to the student account are made after the drop/add period in September.


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Course load calculator: Not sure about your course load percentage for OSAP? Check out our new guide on how to calculate it! Course load guide (non-Engineering). Engineering course load guide.

Scholarship applications are OPEN: Don’t miss out on this easy money! There are awards for all faculties and programs, all undergrad years and both academic AND community work. Apply in Mosaic by clicking the “Apply for Aid and Awards” tile. Find scholarships under the “Aid By Application” tab. More info on scholarships.  


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