Interest-Free Status FAQs

Where do I submit my Continuation of Interest-Free Status (CIFS) application?

Full-time students can apply for a Continuation of Interest-Free Status via the OSAP website. Please complete the online application at the beginning of the study period. A CIFS application is completed annually to maintain interest-free status. Co-op students will complete the online application according to their study/work terms within an academic year. The Service Request in Mosaic is no longer available to submit a CIFS form. Students who require an accommodation can access a paper form via the OSAP website.

How long will it take for NSLSC to receive the information?

It will take approximately 21 business days for the National Student Loans Service Centre to receive your confirmation of enrolment and process interest-free status on your account.

Am I eligible for interest-free status if I switched from studying full-time to part-time?

Only part-time students who have consistently studied at the part-time level are eligible for interest-free status at a 20-59% course load. Students who regularly study full-time, are required to enroll in at least a 60% course load per term. Full-time students with permanent disabilities can enroll at a 40% course load and receive interest-free status.

Why is a ‘continuing’ student not eligible for interest-free status? 

To be eligible for interest-free status, students must be working towards a degree or diploma. Continuing students have already completed all required units of study for a degree.

Why can’t I submit my Schedule 2 via the NSLSC Online Service portal? 

Students who have never received funding for studies at McMaster will not be able to utilize the NSLSC portal for their first disbursement. After that, part-time students and students receiving student aid from a province other than Ontario can apply for interest-free status via the portal.

How many units does an Engineering student need for a 60% course load?

Students can check the Undergraduate Calendar for their program of study for the minimum number of units per level to equal a 100% course load. The course load calculation is available under OSAP for Full-Time Students. Graduate students must be studying at the full-time level to be OSAP eligible.



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Transcripts for Part-Time OSAP: We are now accepting unofficial transcripts from McMaster students who are asked to supply transcripts after applying for Part-Time OSAP. Access and print your unofficial transcript in Mosaic: Student Centre > My Academics > Unofficial Transcript. Learn more on transcripts

OSAP Income Update: Check your OSAP portal for a requirement to update your income. If you have this requirement it must be completed to maintain eligibility for the McMaster General Bursary. Even if you have no changes to report, you are required to submit the online form. Find Income Update deadlines.



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