Part-Time OSAP FAQs

Can I receive a MAPS bursary and OSAP for Part-Time Students?

No. Students who are not eligible for Part-Time OSAP can apply for the MAPS Bursary. Students cannot receive funding from both programs at the same time.

How do I calculate a part-time course load?

To be eligible for Part-Time OSAP, your course load must be 20-59% per term.

For the minimum 20% course load, take the total # of units for the full-time course load for the fall and winter terms, divide by 2, then multiple that number by 0.2 (20%) – total # of units /2 x 0.2 = # of units per term.

Example: Humanities, Year 1 (full course load: 30 units)

20% course load: 30 units / 2 x 0.2 = 3 units per term (minimum)

59% course load: 30 units / 2 x 0.59 = 8.85 units per term (maximum)

Do my previous full-time OSAP loans remain in interest-free status if I receive part-time OSAP?

The full-time OSAP loans will remain in interest-free status as long as the student returns to full-time studies within six months of their last full-time study period end date.

Should students with permanent disabilities apply for full-time or part-time OSAP?

Students with permanent disabilities, who are taking more than 40% and less than 60% of a full course load in each term have a choice of applying for OSAP for Part-Time Students or OSAP for Full-Time Students. It is recommended that students speak with a Student Loans Officer in SFAS for help deciding which program meets their financial needs.

Can I get the Canada Study Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PD) if I receive OSAP for Part-Time Students?

Students are eligible for the CSG-PD up to the maximum amount of $2,000 per academic year. If you did not receive the maximum amount through the full-time OSAP program for a previous term in the current academic year, you may still be eligible for more CSG-PD funding through the Part-Time OSAP program.

What does ‘previously negotiated a loan’ mean?

You have a ‘previously negotiated loan’ if you have received a student government loan (not grant) through full-time or part-time OSAP in the past.

Can I receive part-time and full-time OSAP in an academic year?

Depending on course load, students can apply for either full-time or part-time OSAP on a term-by-term basis. For example, Part-Time OSAP for Fall, Full-Time OSAP for Winter, Part-Time for Spring/Summer.

What happens if I add or drop a course?

If you add or drop a course before you receive your part-time funding, you are no longer eligible to receive that funding as your course load information and assessment are no longer accurate. If you drop a course after you have already received your part-time funding, then you will need to self-fund for one semester or until you are eligible again for additional part-time funding.

Will a deferred exam impact my part-time OSAP?

Sometimes a failing grade can be posted on Mosaic when there is an approved deferred exam. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that grades/deferrals are presented accurately in Mosaic and inform SFAS of any deferred exams scheduled. During the spring/summer term, one failure in the spring term can easy result in being ineligible for OSAP in the summer term.


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