Entrance Scholarship FAQs

Why did my pending aid disappear from my account summary in Mosaic?

Once Student Financial Aid & Scholarships initiates the deposit of the award with Student Accounts & Cashiers, the value of the award will disappear from Pending Aid in Mosaic. Over the course of a day or two, the pending aid is removed and the deposit is completed. Please allow sufficient time for the transaction to complete and the funds to display on the student account.

What if I have an IB or CGE score?

Students must request that Admissions uses their IB score to calculate their average for scholarship purposes.

What if I have a credit on my student account due to the Honour Award?

Student who have paid their fees in full and have a credit on their student account, due to the deposit of an entrance scholarship, can request a payment via cheque or direct deposit by emailing refunds@mcmaster.ca. Student Accounts & Cashiers, Gilmour Hall, Room 209 routinely issues refunds to students with a credit balance.

Can I defer my Honour Award if I decide not to attend this year? 

When a student defers their offer of admission for a year, their scholarship is deferred automatically upon approval from Admissions.

Am I eligible for an Honour Award if I am not enrolled full-time? 

Students must be enrolled in 24 units throughout the fall and winter terms to maintain eligibility to an Honour Award.

Do I need to accept or decline my Honour Award?

It is not necessary to accept your Honour Award via Mosaic. At the end of August, awards will be granted to eligible students and the award value will show as ‘pending aid’ on Mosaic. Funds are deposited to the student account after the add/drop date in September.


What’s New!

Spring/Summer CIFS: Deadlines for undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Medicine students to submit a Continuation of Interest-Free Status application are approaching. Apply online via the OSAP website. Learn more about Interest-Free Status.

OSAP peer-support sessions: We are now offering peer-support sessions every Tuesday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. in MUSC 213. Our student ambassador will be available to help current and incoming students with their 2018/19 OSAP applications. Learn more about our peer-support sessions.

2018 Schulich Leaders: Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Schulich Leaders Scholarships! Four students have received Canada’s most prestigious national STEM scholarships to attend McMaster. Learn more about the 2018 Schulich Leaders.

18/19 OSAP Application: Students can now apply for OSAP for the 2018/19 academic year. Apply via the OSAP website as soon as possible.


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