Net Tuition Information

What is Net Tuition & Net Billing?

Net Tuition = Tuition (not including other charges) – Ontario and Canada Student Grants + McMaster Aid & Awards
Net Tuition is the amount the student must pay out-of-pocket for tuition.  This amount is explained through Net Billing.

Where can I see my net bill?

Students can view their net tuition as well as a summary of their aid and awards via the Tuition, Aid & Awards Summary screen in the Mosaic Student Centre.

Find a guide to the Tuition, Aid & Awards Screen (PDF)

Where can I view my tuition and fees?

Students can review their fees and payments via the Account Summary screen available in the Mosaic Student Center.

I keep hearing about ‘free tuition’. What is that?

Free tuition starts with applying for OSAP.  This application must happen in order to be considered for OSAP grants that may cover the cost of a year’s tuition. The new OSAP will make average tuition free for students whose families make less than $50,000 a year. Students from families that earn more will also benefit from more generous grants and loans. About 80% of all OSAP recipients will graduate with less provincial debt.

Even with free tuition, there are other charges and fees that will need to be paid by the student. Check your Account Summary on the Mosaic Student Center regularly no matter how much OSAP funding you receive.