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Undergraduate In-Course Awards

McMaster recognizes the achievements of all undergraduate in-course students, including international students, throughout their university studies with In-Course, Travel and Community Contribution Awards. Some awards are determined by Faculty/program using a variety of factors including academic accomplishment, leadership, and extracurricular activities. A number of awards require an application (including some Faculty-specific awards.) The majority of awards are determined on the basis of grades only and require no application.

Terms of all awards are listed in the Undergraduate Calendar. Information about applications is also in the calendar, as well as posted across campus in Faculty offices and on our site. In-course awards are based on academic performance in the previous Fall/Winter session; for example, work completed between September 2013 and April 2014 will be considered for awards in 2014.

International students are eligible to be considered for in-course awards. Part-time students are eligible to be considered for certain in-course scholarships as noted in the part-time, Specific Achievement and graduand award terms in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Students are notified in August and mid-November each year of any awards that they are named to receive. Awards are paid via credits to student accounts.

Download 2014-2015 H.L. Hooker and University Senate Scholarships (PDF)

Travel & Exchange Awards

International Images

Your application package for a Travel/Exchange Scholarship must include:

  • A scholarship application
  • Terms of the award
  • An explanation of why are you are eligible to receive the scholarship with reference to the terms (limit one page)
  • Statement of your plan of study as it relates to your academic and career goals
  • Academic Résumé (limit to two pages)
  • Academic letter of reference (in a sealed envelope)
  • Official University transcript (please allow 5 business days when ordering your transcript)

Determine if you are eligible for an award by consulting our award terms.

You must have your completed application to your Faculty Awards Chair no later than 4:30 pm on February 28th. Details available on scholarship cover/application form.

If you have questions about your eligibility or application process, please e-mail

McMaster's Graduand Awards Program

McMaster offers 20 medals, 1 ring and 80 plus awards of varying values ($50 to $5000) to graduating students who qualify for the awards on the basis of their achievement in their first baccalaureate degree program. Graduand awards are granted in May of each year and are based on cumulative average.

McMaster offers 8 awards ranging in value from $150 to $500 to second baccalaureate degree students in their final year of study. Students are notified in July or November of each year if they are named to receive an award.

Information for Students Applying To Medical/Professional School

The Scholarships Office is only able to provide generic calendar information about your awards. (Useful facts for the application process to Medical/Professional School.)

Entrance Scholarships

We are unable to advise you of the number of applicants. All applicants to McMaster University with an admission average of 80% or higher are eligible for Entrance Scholarships. You can find Admission statistics online at

H.L. Hooker Scholarship / University Senate Scholarship

Awarded to in-course students, registered in 24 units or more with a Fall/Winter average of at least 9.5 or greater. Quotas are established each year and award recipients would be in the top 10-15% of their Faculty. Enrollment numbers by Faculty are also available online at

Other In-Course Scholarships

There are many ways scholarships can be awarded. Please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for a complete description of your specific award. Past copies of calendars are available at Mills Memorial Library, McMaster University.

To determine the competition when awarded your scholarship.

Todetermine your competition you will need a copy of the Undergraduate Calendar and the online University statistics for the year in which you won the award.

  • read the terms of the award from the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • refer to the University statistics for the number of students in a given level, program, Faculty or course. Please see University Statistics on the Institutional Analysis website at
  • Refer to the McMaster Fact Book at
  • If the terms of the award state, for example, to a student in level 2 in the Faculty of Science, you will then check the University statistics for the number of students in that Faculty and level and that is your competition.

Check McMaster libraries for copies of the convocation program. In-course award winners are listed in the Fall convocation program and graduand award winners are listed in the spring convocation program. That is the only way to find the number of in-course scholarships awarded.

If a contact name and address is required,
please send requests to:

Nancy Solano, Awards Officer
Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
McMaster University
1280 Main St. W.
Gilmour Hall, Room 120
Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8
(905) 525-9140 ext 23145

More questions about in-course scholarships?

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