Mosaic coming March 23, 2015. McMaster will be replacing MUGSI and SOLAR with new tools for students. Learn more at or #macmosaic.

Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Investing in student success through delivery of government and University financial aid and scholarship programs.

Government Aid (OSAP)

  • OSAP Process
  • Eligibility
  • OSAP How To...
  • Academic Progress
  • Interest-Free Status
  • Part Time Aid

Work Programs

  • Application Details
  • Fall/Winter Work Program
  • Summer Work Program
  • International Student Work Study
  • Employer Info


  • Instructions: Personal Profile
  • Instructions: Bursary & McWork
  • Instructions: Aid by Applications


Instructions for applying for Financial Aid in Mosaic

When the Summer Work Program Application opens March 23rd go to Mosaic and click on the Student Center tab to apply.

Students can apply for community contribution awards, in-course awards, graduand awards and faculty-nominated awards online via Mosaic starting March 23rd. All supporting documentation is due by April 30th.

Emergency Assistance for unexpected circumstances is available through SFAS

Project Hero


Supporting documentation to complete a fall/winter Ontario Tuition Grant application is due March 21st

Last chance to apply for OSAP for Part-Time Students is March 19th.   All supporting documentation for the application must be submitted to the SFAS Office, GH 120 by 4:00 on March 19th.

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If you have an accommodation need for a planned meeting, please e-mail or
call (905) 525-9140 ext. 24319 to make appropriate arrangements.